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We like it salty and sweet

writing in a notepad with a croissant and coffee

Creating a new habit is easier said than done right?  We all have ideas about the changes we’re going to make to create that life that we dream of. But in reality, time doesn’t seem to be on our side. Whether it’s our husband saying we don’t spend enough time together, the kids pulling you […]

7 steps to creating a new habit


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Drinking a cocktail

To me, there’s always something special about setting New Year’s Resolutions, and a fresh start, but by March most of us have gone back to old habits, no matter how good our intentions are at the start of the year. In this week’s video, I’m sharing some of my tips that help me stay on […]

Has this happened to you already in 2022?


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joanne wilkes

Around 2 weeks after the excitement of fresh starts and new healthy habits, most people have ditched their New Year resolutions. Why do so many people struggle to stick to New Year’s Resolutions? It can be really easy to feel pressured to make a lot of changes, especially when it comes to the new year. […]

5 ways to stick to new habits


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Sometimes willpower is just not enough. Nobody’s immune from the thoughts of that chocolate bar calling to you from the cupboard! But changing your behavior around food can be a great start to breaking down those sugar cravings. Cravings can be a good thing, as they can be a sign of an imbalance in your […]

3 healthy habits to stop sugar cravings


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