How to introduce foods as a fussy eater

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Hands up if you’re a fussy eater? I used to be terrible. I’m not really sure where it came from, but it must have been my childhood (sorry Mum and Dad). Although I can’t remember ever being demanding around food I just know that if I tried something and didn’t like it I’d pull that face – we all know what that face is right?!


Some foods don’t even have to pass my lips for me to pull that face. Marmite? No thank you. Beetroot? Nope. Mayonnaise? Urgh.

What does a fussy eater mean?

A fussy or picky eater can be a number of things. Maybe it’s an unwillingness to try new foods or being picky about their food and always complaining about it.

How do you deal with being a fussy eater?

When I started to change my diet I thought being a fussy eater would stand in my way. I think because I was the one cooking and making the meals I felt I had control. I knew everything that went in it. Which really helped.

Plus, I knew if I wanted to eat more healthily, I would have to suck it up and just get used to it. It’s true what they say. The more times you try something the more you start to like it.

Olives and beetroots were two things I never ate until I was in my 30s. No joke!

I gradually started introducing it to other food and taking a bite of something I did like along with an olive or slice of beetroot. Soon enough my tastebuds became accustomed and now they’re a stable (and regular) part of my diet.

Give yourself time and be patient, and just don’t give up. You may try some foods and decide that really aren’t for you. I’m still on the fence about kale!

But give it a fair shot!


What food do you wish you liked?



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