Creating a good evening routine

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I always had an evening routine when I was a kid. My parents would tell me it was time for bed, so I’d go upstairs, brush my teeth, get in my pajamas, and read a book. Then they’d come up to say goodnight, turn off the light and I’d be sound asleep. Maybe this is something you do with your kids now.

But when did we ever stop thinking it was okay not to have a night-time routine?

Why is sleep so important?

If there were only two things in life that I do for myself, I think a morning and evening routine are the most important. A morning routine sets you up for the day. An evening routine gets you relaxed and ready for sleep, and there are plenty of benefits to a good night’s sleep. Not just feeling more refreshed for the day ahead!

A good night’s sleep is so important for a healthy mind and body. They even have a day in January dedicated to it! Have you noticed how much more motivated and focused you are after a good night’s sleep? I know I feel more emotionally balanced and raring to go.


What’s a good evening routine?

Anything to make you feel relaxed! What do you enjoy doing that helps you clear your mind and feel chilled?

What should I do in the evening?

Everyone’s evening routine is personal to them. But there are a few things you could incorporate into your routine to help you get a deeper night’s sleep.

  • If you’re constantly worrying or have too much going on in your mind, write it down. Use a journal to brain dump, by writing down your to-do list, and any worries or thoughts going on in your head. If you aren’t worried about anything, but your mind is trying to convince you there’s something (like mine does) you can use an affirmation like “I am not worrying about anything. Everything is how it should be”.
  • Put that phone away! Stay off your computer, phone, and TV before bed. If you use a kindle to read or you’re watching TV within an hour of going to bed, you can get blue light glasses that block out the artificial light that affects your melatonin levels (the hormone that helps you sleep).
  • Meditation or yoga before bed can help to relax the mind and body.
  • A hot bath or shower is also good to signal to the body it’s time to wind down.



What do you like to do to wind down for bed?

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