7 steps to creating a new habit

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Creating a new habit is easier said than done right? 

We all have ideas about the changes we’re going to make to create that life that we dream of. But in reality, time doesn’t seem to be on our side.

Whether it’s our husband saying we don’t spend enough time together, the kids pulling you left to right, or just a busy job that involves a commute where is it just me or are there more cars joining the traffic every week?

I’ve been there.

And I won’t bull sh*t you. It can be hard to make changes. BUT with dedication, it can be done.

Creating healthy habits

The first step in making any change is to identify your main goal.

Maybe it’s weight loss, building strength, eating more healthily, or just simply making time to work out. 

When you know what your overall goal is, write down your WHY.

Your WHY is what keeps you dedicated. And it doesn’t have to be big, but something that resonates with you emotionally.

Do you want to look good in a certain dress for a wedding? Do you want to be able to get up in the morning and not have stiff joints, or maybe you just want to FEEL GOOD.


Here are some of my top tips for helping to create healthy habits that stick.


7 steps to creating healthy habits

Start small

Don’t try to do everything in one go. Start with one small habit that you can add onto once you’ve got that first one nailed. Trying to change too much in one go can lead to overwhelm and then giving up. Think about those restrictive diets you’ve done. How often did you end up binging on “forbidden food”?


Set a start date for your new habit

One of the easiest ways to create a new habit is to set a date to begin the new behavior. This gives you something to focus on and helps you avoid procrastination. If you choose to do so, try setting aside 15 minutes every day at a certain time to work on your new habit.


Set a goal for yourself

Once you decide what you want to achieve, write down exactly what you will need to do to make it happen. Then, break down each task into smaller tasks. Finally, set a deadline for when you plan to complete the first task.


Plan how you will get started

If you want to start exercising more, for example, you might think about where you would like to exercise (gym, park, etc.), who you would like to exercise with (friends, family, etc.) and when you would like to begin (tomorrow, next week, etc.).


Attach your new habit to an old one

When you’ve identified the habit you want to change, attach it to another habit that you already do. For example, if you wanted to eat more vegetables try adding a vegetable to every meal you have. You’re already eating that meal, you don’t have to overthink it.


There’s no such thing as failure

Just because you’ve forgotten or missed it for some reason doesn’t mean you’ve failed or that you can’t do it. 

For example, if you started working out 15 minutes every morning and you didn’t want to get out of bed earlier that morning then choose 15 minutes later in the day to fit it in, or just try to do it the next morning.


Don’t give up on your new habit

To make a change a habit it has to be performed numerous times before it becomes automatic. So don’t give up.


Creating new habits takes patience and persistence, but taking small steps and being kind to yourself goes a long way to making a change an automatic habit.



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