5 low sugar snacks

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Do you want to quit sugar? Whatever the reason there are plenty of low sugar options to help you cut back on refined sugar.

When talking about low sugar foods, it doesn’t mean the kind you’d buy in the supermarkets labelled “low sugar”. These products could have artificial sweeteners in them or additional additives to make them taste good.

The Low sugar I’m referring to means cutting back on the number of free sugars, including artificial sweeteners that are sometimes hidden in foods.

If you want to find out more you can get access to my popular sugar webinar for free.

What are healthy snacks without sugar?

With so much information out there it can be hard to know what are the best snacks to have that aren’t loaded with sugar. And whether you love having a sweet treat in the afternoon, dessert after dinner, or you get daily sugar cravings, there are a number of options that are just as tasty!

When it comes to food, the more natural, whole food the better. Think of it looking as close to what it would have done when it was farmed.

Nuts are a great snack and travel friendly. You can make your own trail mix or roasted nuts – adding a bit of honey/maple syrup or some of your favourite herbs or spices.

Energy balls were one of my favourite things when I was trying to quit sugar. They’re easy to make and contain nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. You can make chocolate flavoured ones with cacao powder or peanut butter if you’re not a chocolate fan.

Homemade popcorn is also a great snack, along with vegetables, especially sweet vegetables like carrots or sweet potatoes if you get sugar cravings.

If you love yoghurt, instead of going for a flavoured yoghurt that contains sugar, natural or greek yoghurt (full fat, as the low fat, contains artificial sweeteners) and adding in fruit is a good alternative.

How to avoid free sugary foods at work?

If you work in an office, especially ones that like to have biscuits hanging around, or you’ve got that one office worker who loves to bake and is constantly bringing in their latest creation! It can be difficult to avoid sugar.

Taking in your own healthy made snacks can help the temptation of reaching for that piece of cake or popping to the shop to get a chocolate bar. Things like energy balls, a homemade low sugar cake or some raw chocolate can satisfy the sugar cravings and temptation to reach for something unhealthier.

It can be hard when you don’t want to offend anyone. If you’re gluten or lactose intolerant somehow it seems acceptable, but saying you’re cutting back on sugar can be like you’ve suddenly grown another head! But who knows, if you mention you’re trying to quit sugar maybe they’ll come in with a healthy option next time!

However just because you want to cut back on sugar, you shouldn’t feel guilty for the occasional treat.

bowl of hummus, topped with whole chickpeas, with a loaf of half cut brown bread next to it on a white surface

5 low sugar snacks

Some of the best low sugar snacks are simple and easy, these are some of my favourites;

1: Vegetable sticks & hummus

Sound a bit boring compared to something sweet? But raw vegetables especially sweet ones like carrots and including a healthy dip like hummus can really stop those sugar cravings and help you feel full.

2: Energy balls

One of my favourites is energy balls. You can create so many different flavours but all the ingredients are whole foods. Many are made with blenders or food processors but you can still make energy balls without a food processor.

3: Roasted chickpeas

Chickpeas are a great source of nutrients, including protein. Roasted chickpeas make a nice crunchy snack that you can pack up and pop in your bag. A great alternative to nuts.

4: Popcorn

Shop brought popcorn contains so many additives, including sugar, but homemade popcorn can be a healthy snack, full of fibre. Just watch what you add as the topping!

5: Apple slices and peanut butter

Apples are one of the lower sugar fruits, full of fibre and nutrients to help keep you feeling full. While peanut butter offers a dose of healthy fats and protein


The thought of avoiding sugar can feel overwhelming, but it takes time to create any new changes, and quitting sugar is one of them. If you get caught out and need a sugar fix when you’re out and about check the ingredients. Try looking for something that has minimal ingredients and is made of whole foods like Nakd bars.

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