3 healthy sugar swaps

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As a health coach & personal trainer I love helping people build a more balanced life.

With foods that nourish your body and are low-sugar. And functional exercise to help with mobility.


If you’re looking to cut back on sugar, I’m here to share some healthy sugar swaps that got me started.

When I first discovered the hidden sugars in the last one, I was really shocked. It was one of the last things I expected there to be sugar in. And it just made me realize  how sugar is added to so many different processed and packaged foods.

So I really hope this video can help you get started on understanding where to check for hidden sugars. And how to navigate cutting back on sugar.

Sugar or fat?

So let’s get started talking about fat. Fat has been demonized for years in the food industry.

Because fat was known to have more calories than protein and carbohydrates,  it was thought to be the food to avoid. So of course the food manufacturing companies jumped right on it and started to exclude fat from their food.

But the trouble is cutting fat out of food meant it was less tasty. So to cut a long story short, instead they added in sugar.

Hidden sugars

Replacing fat with sugar obviously means that when you’re eating low-fat foods that are showing fewer calories it might make you think you’re eating healthier foods. But they’ve actually got a lot of added sugars or sweeteners within that product.

So one of the first things I did when I was trying to cut back on sugar was shift from low-fat stuff to full-fat foods.

However, it’s still  really important to check the ingredients on labels, even on the full-fat  versions.

If you want to know a little bit more about how to check food labels, what to look for, how to try and avoid hidden sugars, and you’re interested in more healthy sugar swap foods, then click on the link below for my Break up with sugar guide.

Three healthy sugar swaps

So the three main items that I focused on cutting out and  swapping when I started trying to cut back on sugar are three quite popular food items.

1: Flavored yogurts

I used to love the flavored yogurts. But one of the first things I did was cut out the low-fat flavored yogurts.

And instead, I replaced it with either Greek or Natural yogurt, full fat. And then I would add in my own fresh fruits and berries.

I’d also then just add on some seeds, nuts, anything like that, just to give it a bit of crunch, a bit of texture. That was my go-to instead of the low-fat flavored yogurts that I used to get.

2: Granola

I used to love granola. I used to think that I was eating so healthy if I had a bowl of granola. But the shop brought granola can be so full of sugar as well as other additives.

Some of them are a little bit better than others. So if you need to buy granola or you prefer to, have a look at the ingredients label and try and find the ones that have got the least amount of sugar in them.

But ideally, it’s better if you can make your own granola and it can be really simple and easy to make. My homemade granola is super quick, super easy. It really doesn’t take a lot to do, and it’s much healthier because there’s so much less sugar in it.

3: Pre-mixed spices

And the final one, the one that shocked me the most was pre-mixed spices.

Now, I just had absolutely no idea spice mixes like the Fajita mixes you can buy had sugar in them. You know, like when you get those boxes where it’s got everything all pre-packed for you. Although probably that should have been a sign. Because it’s pre-packed!

But even when you can just get the jars in the typical spices and herbs section that are mixed for certain things or flavors.

I was so surprised one day I just picked one up just to see what spices were in this mix and realized that sugar was the top ingredient on the ingredients list. This means that that mix contains sugar more than any of the spices or herbs.

How to avoid them

Very occasionally we get particular ones. Like Salt Lick meat rub mixes or seasoning, we love those and use them occasionally. But we just read the ingredients and make sure for starters that sugar isn’t the top one listed. But the majority of the time we do just make our own.

We buy the individual spices and we mix them ourselves. And the thing is, with that, that can actually save you money because you might be buying more spices and herbs in the long run. But then they’re going to last you a lot longer than just buying one pack or one small mix that gets used in one go.



So if you want to know more and you want to find out more about some of the hidden sugars where they are and some other healthy sugar swaps, don’t forget to check out the Break up with Sugar Guide below.

And I’d love to hear your thoughts and  anything where you found hidden sugars that have surprised you the most.

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