3 benefits of a workout from home routine

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Many people were enjoying a workout from home routine during COVID lockdowns, and love it or hate it, home workouts are here to stay. Many people have chosen to carry on working out at home or combine it with their gym sessions, but can you really get the results you want?


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For many years I struggled with committing myself to the gym. I couldn’t understand it. When I was younger I was always on the go, playing sports, dancing, and running around. But in my 20’s all I wanted to do was sit and watch Netflix!

Something was wrong.

It wasn’t until I turned 30 that I realized I needed to get my health under control. With a family history of type 2 diabetes and heart disease, I gave myself a kick up the butt. 

I cleaned up my diet and started to eat more plant-based and home-cooked foods. I cut back on refined sugar and processed foods. And I started to exercise daily. I started off doing 10-15 minute HIIT workouts 5-6 days a week and it grew from there.

Home workouts aren’t for everyone, but however or wherever you choose to exercise you can absolutely still reach your goals if you’re dedicated to making it happen.


Three benefits of working out at home


Saves you time

When you’re busy, home workouts can be easier to fit into your life. Preparing to go to the gym can take up a lot of time. Choosing your outfit, packing your gym bag, getting in your car, driving to the gym, getting out of your car….you get the point!

You’ll also save time on having to come up with excuses to not go!

Home workouts mean you don’t have to include the time of traveling to and from the gym along with everything else that comes with it. You’re already in your workout space you just need to get started!


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Fits around your life

Working out at home can fit into even the busiest of lives.

Whether you struggle to find the time, your lunchbreak is your only “me time” or don’t have childcare for your kids, with a home workout it doesn’t matter. You may just need to muster up the courage to do a workout in front of your kids, but what a great healthy habit for them to see!

Finding exercise that you enjoy and that works for you and your lifestyle is what can help you stay consistent and keep coming back for more! 


Keeps your workouts consistent 

This was key for me when I was kick-starting my fitness routine. Consistency pays off. It’s what gets you results.

I started off with a lack of motivation, but my dedication to my overall goals kept me going. So I would try and move every day, and for the first few weeks, that was 10-15 minutes a day doing a HIIT workout. 

When I realized how good movement made me feel and how it also boosted me in wanting to eat healthily and nourish my body my workouts started to increase in length and I started adding resistance and strength training.



A workout-from-home routine doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. It might seem intimidating at first, worrying about relying on your own motivation, but it can also help eliminate excuses. 

If you’re interested in a more personalized approach to your home workouts, find out how you can work with me by clicking on the work with me tab at the top of this page.


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